Top 5 Residential Properties Perfect for a Cooking Shoot

Top 5 Residential Properties Perfect for a Cooking Shoot - The Location Guys

When it comes to finding the ideal location for a cooking shoot, certain properties stand out due to their unique features, stunning aesthetics, and functional kitchen spaces. Whether you’re looking for an Edwardian charm or a serene riverside retreat, The Location Guys offers some of the best properties that cater to every culinary shoot need. … Read more

How To Find a Shoot Location

TLG connects brands with inspiring interiors to create beautiful content for a worldwide audience. How To Find a Shoot Location - The Location Guys

You are working on a brief for one of your clients, and you need the perfect location to shoot products for their next ad campaign – Where do you start? Trawl Instagram or Facebook for a beautiful home. Ask a friend. Start knocking on doors. Answer – None of the above! You should use a … Read more

What To Expect When Using Your Home As a Shoot Location

What To Expect When Using Your Home As a Shoot Location - The Location Guys

Here is a brief overview of what to expect when offering your home as a shoot location, and also some guidance towards what is expected from you (the location owner) on the shoot day. On the day of hire, you must ensure that the property is ‘shoot ready’ for the client’s arrival. This means the … Read more

Is Your Property Working for You?

Is Your Property Working for You? - The Location Guys

Make your property work for you by turning it into a sought-after shoot location with The Location Guys. Register as a Shoot Location Did you know that your most treasured asset, which you’ve invested so much time and money in, could give you a steady income in return? Countless hours have been spent choosing the … Read more

How To Register Your Property As a Location

How To Register Your Property As a Location - The Location Guys

Are you interested in having your property featured in photo shoots, films, or commercial projects? The Location Guys always seek unique and inspiring shoot locations to add to our portfolio. Here’s how you can register your property with us. Capture Your Space To start the process, we need photographs of your property. Make sure to … Read more

Unique Shoot Location (hotel) – Part Three

The-Averard-Hotel-W2 Unique Derelict Hotel Location - The Location Guys

The Averard Hotel Location: London, W2 This truly amazing palatial Grade II listed building was built in 1925. It was originally two homes before being turned into a luxurious hotel, and later falling into disrepair. The property is made up of two adjoining white stucco fronted 7 storey buildings, stretching to 25,000sq ft. The Averard … Read more

Unique Shoot Location (light ship) – Part Two

Lightship-E16 Unique Shoot Location - Lighthouse Ship - The Location Guys

Lightship Location: London, E16 The former Trinity House lighthouse ship was built in 1938 and is 134 feet long (just over 40 metres) with a breadth of 25 feet. The tower rises 15 metres from water level. The ship was decommissioned and sold in 2004. It has since been taken to the London docklands and … Read more

Unique Shoot Location (1930’s Glam) – Part One

Lillian-N3-London Unique Location House - 1930's Glam - The Location Guys

Lillian Location: London, N3 This amazing 1930’s glam property provides an authentic step back in time with its original fixtures and fittings. The interior is filled with patterned wallpapers and coloured carpets distinctive of it’s time. There is a large open plan sitting and dining room with a bay window to the front and French … Read more

Five Great Location Options for Scandi Vibes

Five Great Location Options for Scandi Vibes - The Location Guys

Looking for a shoot location where there is beauty in simplicity and embodies a sense of minimalism and function? These five Scandi Vibe locations offer clean lines, wood, neutral and simple accents that maximise natural light. Scandi Vibe Locations 1. Greenwood Location: London, E8 This beautiful four storey Victorian townhouse is accessed via stone steps … Read more

Welcome to TLG

Welcome to The Location Guys

A new agency from industry leading professionals. We have been working together for the past 10 years, helping to make magic happen and now, here we are, in our new home.. A long, long time ago, I can still remember….. when Ryan rode into the office on his new bicycle.. He was younger than me … Read more

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