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Currently recruiting in all categories: London Homes, Country Homes, Studios, Industrial and Commercial..

To register your interest in being part of the TLG portfolio, first we need to see photographs of the space. It is vital that you include a good selection of both interiors and exteriors so that we can accurately assess the possibilities within the location for our clients and the brands we work with.

It is important that images show full rooms where possible. Detailed vignettes make attractive images, but they do not show us what we need to judge the potential of the property. Don’t worry if you don’t have professional photos. Smart phone images are absolutely fine at this stage.

What we look for..

Our portfolio is packed with design-led interiors and properties with architectural detail, but you don’t have to be on Grand Designs to be a successful shoot location. Here are a few key features required to ensure success..

  • Access – good access by road and by rail is essential. Parking is a huge bonus, but for central London properties not a must.
  • Decor – attractive furnishings may be used as props, and minimal neutral design is popular because it allows greater flexibility for a brand to transform the space without too much upheaval.
  • Floors – wood and hard floors are most popular – unless you have a 60’s masterpiece with an original shag! Parquet, wood, stone/concrete, or painted wood floors are the most in demand.
  • Natural light – the ability to shoot in daylight is key – so large windows and ample light is a necessity.

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    Offering your home as a shoot location can be rewarding in many ways, but you must be aware of the risks before venturing down this road. Damage can happen so it is important that you cannot be too precious.

    Clients are always respectful of shoot locations, but no matter how organised a production team might be, accidents can happen.

    Clients have insurance to cover them against any larger losses, but the majority of damages tend to be minor redecoration jobs, which are of course covered by the hirer.

    TLG is a new agency, but we are not new to the industry. Having previously managed one of London’s largest location portfolios, and with over 20,000 confirmed contracts under our belts, you could not be in better hands. 

    Our main aim in creating TLG is to focus our attention to a select portfolio of locations, hand picked by our team based upon our industry experience and knowledge of demand, and to provide a more hands on approach to assisting our clients with their requirements.

    As your agent, TLG are always on hand to guide you through the process, and answer any questions or concerns you might have. We take on all of the negotiations and contractual obligations to ensure that bookings are controlled and that you and your property have the correct protection. We carry out thorough checks to ensure that hirers are from viable businesses, supported with appropriate ID and background checks or trade references, where required. We manage invoicing and collection of outstanding debts – we are a full service location agency.

    If this is something that you are considering, but you have questions, pick up the phone and talk to us..

    Call 0207 099 8000 or email

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