How To Find a Shoot Location

You are working on a brief for one of your clients, and you need the perfect location to shoot products for their next ad campaign – Where do you start?

  1. Trawl Instagram or Facebook for a beautiful home.
  2. Ask a friend.
  3. Start knocking on doors.

Answer – None of the above!

You should use a Location Agency that specialises in representing shoot-friendly, stylish homes that can add value to the campaign.

Shoot Locations with The Location Guys

The Location Guys invite clients to share the details of their location brief with us and allow us to make suggestions of the best-suited properties/locations based on our extensive knowledge of our location database.

Our website is our online portfolio, which displays all of the locations we manage for photoshoots and filming, but we often have other locations waiting in the wings that aren’t yet online. Rather than trawling through all the beautiful homes we represent, we advise you to get in touch and let us do the legwork for you.

We can work with image references or a written brief, and our experience (over 10 years!) in the industry, finding locations for a myriad of clients and different briefs, has equipped us with the knowledge and skills to locate the best locations fast!

Our clients always appreciate our speed of service, quality advice, and clear and concise information about our location homes.

Hiring a location through an experienced agency means that you have the safety of knowing that the location will be ‘shoot ready’ so that you can start work as soon as you arrive on the date of hire.

Our locations are pre-vetted to ensure they are suitable for photoshoots and filming.

Experienced shoot locations operate as businesses, and hiring a property from a friend is not the same thing.

Once we have located a suitable location for your hire, we will reserve that location for the required dates while we arrange a recce visit. On the recce, you can view the location, work out logistics and power requirements, and work on your shot plan. We advise all clients to recce a location before committing to a booking. Once you have committed to confirm a location, then you will enter into a contract, and cancellation charges will apply if you change your mind.

Once you are ready to confirm, a contract will be issued, and we will require a copy of your insurance to ensure that you have relevant coverage should you be liable for any damages on location. Our standard requirement for public liability coverage is £2m, but for some properties, the requirements can be as high as £5m or £10m.

Payment terms will depend upon your circumstances, but if you are starting, you should be prepared to pay upfront, as you will not have an existing relationship with the agency.

Once the contract is in place and the invoice is paid, the booking is locked down and officially confirmed. Neither you nor the Location Owner can pull out, and you can safely book in the rest of your team.

We represent more than beautiful homes in London. Our portfolio includes Studios, Industrial and Commercial properties, and Country Homes, so we can help with most briefs!

If you are working on a shoot and need help and advice on locations, please pick up the phone, and we can walk you through the process.

We look forward to working with you!

The Location Guys Shoot Locations

The Location Guys connects brands with inspiring interiors to create beautiful content for a worldwide audience.

We represent architectural spaces and design-led homes to offer the best location backdrops for commercial photography and filming in London and the UK.


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