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We have been working together for the past 10 years helping to make magic happen, and now here we are, in our new home..

A long, long time ago, I can still remember….. when Ryan rode into the office on his new bicycle.. He was younger than me – I was envious…. still am! I hadn’t been there long myself, thrown in at the deep end of a rapidly growing agency. Endless emails and the phones ringing off the hook. It was madness, but I loved it. A far cry from my background in the corporate world, but closer probably to my career on the stage…

Ryan hit the ground running and it wasn’t long before we had it under control. His background in the print industry, dealing with a number of high profile accounts had afforded him a confidence that was impressive for someone 5 years my junior, and it served him well in an agency role.

4 years in we were heading up that agency, and this is what has led us to today. We will be forever grateful for the trust that was placed in us at Shootfactory and the opportunities that it provided.

2020 marked the end of an era. We left the old place in capable hands and decided that now was the time for us to Quickstep on our own.

10 whole years of linking brands with locations, working with some of the most creative and inspirational people in the world, navigating COVID to continue to support our industry and a long, long, long list of happy clients; we are still surprised and humbled by the feedback and support we have received in creating TLG.

We very much believe in people and relationships. Our agency is not unlike any other, but we hope that in working with us you will see that our energy, professionalism, and genuine desire to nurture relationships is what sets us apart.

We are no-nonsense, say it how it is, get the job done, fair, honest people and we’re excited to continue what we have already started.

To find out more about The Location Guys, call 0207 099 8000 or email hello@thelocationguys.co.uk

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