What To Expect When Using Your Home As a Shoot Location

Here is a brief overview of what to expect when offering your home as a shoot location, and also some guidance towards what is expected from you (the location owner) on the shoot day.

On the day of hire, you must ensure that the property is ‘shoot ready’ for the client’s arrival. This means the property must be clean and tidy and ready to be photographed. The presentation should be as close to the images we show on the website.

You must be at the property at the scheduled arrival time to greet the team. This will give you the opportunity to do a quick show-around, provide Wi-Fi details, and hand over any parking permits that might have been arranged.

It is a good idea to show the client how to operate the alarm system, operate the heating, and locate the fuse box and water mains. Note that all of this information is provided to the client in the ‘Location Guide,’ but it is helpful to point these out quickly at the start of the first day.

If the booking is for multiple days, clients will expect to leave their equipment and props at the property overnight between shoot days. You should discuss and agree on where these items can be kept overnight. Remember that you must live in the house overnight, so clear access to the kitchen and somewhere to sit is essential.

Once you have completed the show-around, it is usually best to take yourself away for the rest of the day to allow the team to use the property for the purposes of the hire without the concern of having the location owner hover over it.

Clients will be very busy loading equipment, props, etc., and all on a tight time schedule, which can become a little overwhelming to witness. It is important to point out that our clients do this day in and day out and are very experienced in hiring properties for location hire. Everyone is very respectful of your home, and any accidental damages are always put right.

Expect that clients will move your furniture and items, but always with care and respect. Lift rather than drag is an unwritten rule in the industry that everyone abides by. However, if you have any items of significance or personal value, then it might be best to move these to a private room in the house prior to the date of hire. As organized and professional as our clients are, accidents can happen.

When the shoot is due to be complete, the client expects you to return home to carry out a ‘walk around’. It is the client’s responsibility to return the property to the condition it was found, so you are advised to give the house a check over and make sure that you are happy with the condition it is being returned to you. If you notice any damages at this point, then it is important to flag this with the client and discuss it. Once the client has left the property, they will unlikely return if you suddenly notice that your living room sofa is now in your bedroom and you hadn’t flagged this with them before their departure.

Flagging potential damages can feel uncomfortable when you are face-to-face with the hirer, but any concerns must be raised as soon as they are found to assist in recovering any costs for damages.

Most location owners allow a grace period of 15-20 minutes after the scheduled end time, but if the client is shooting after the agreed time, then overtime charges will be applied. The client knows the applicable overtime charges when they enter into a contract to confirm the shoot. However, the location owner is advised to flag this with the client to verify that they are now in overtime and will be charged, as per their agreement with TLG. Always note the time and the name of the last person leaving.

As always, we are on hand if you are unsure about anything or if you would like some further guidance. Please call us, and we will be more than happy to discuss your concerns.

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