Photo Studios in London with Minimalist Aesthetics

Where creativity meets culture, minimalist aesthetics within photo studios have become the canvas of choice for many photographers. The simplicity of a minimalist studio provides a backdrop that accentuates the subject, allowing for the subtleties of light, shadow, and form to take centre stage. The Location Guys offer a range of photo studios that embody this minimalist ethos. This guide explores some of their standout offerings, ensuring photographers can find the perfect setting for their next shoot.


Clerkenwell Studio

Location: London EC1

Nestled in the creative enclave of Clerkenwell EC1, this 2000 sq ft film and photographic studio boasts a mid-century vibe that resonates through its concrete floors, walnut sliding doors, and walls finished with raw plaster. Designed by the renowned architect Spencer Fung, its large Crittal windows invite natural light to sweep the space, making it ideal for capturing vivid imagery. Though not soundproof, the studio is conducive to audio recording, offering good sound quality for various projects. A unique feature is the large sliding doors that can transform the space into two separate studios, providing flexibility for different shoot requirements.

White Gallery

Location: London E8

A stone’s throw from the bustling Broadway Market lies the White Gallery, a contemporary space spanning 3800 sqft over two floors. The ground floor showcases large windows and a courtyard-style terrace, blending natural light and urban charm. Below, the basement level presents a canvas of painted concrete floors, pillars, and ceilings — a testament to minimalist design. Adaptable and spacious, the White Gallery is suited for film, photography, brand experiences, and events, providing a versatile backdrop for creative expression.

Haggerston 4 & 5

Location: London N1
Overlooking the tranquil waters of the canal, Haggerston 4 and 5 are sister studios, each offering 975 sq ft and 965 sq ft of space, respectively. With ceiling heights of 3.5m and equipped with three-phase power and blackout options, these studios cater to a diverse range of photographic needs. An electricity charge is applicable, ensuring all projects can utilise the necessary power without compromise. It’s important to note that while external lighting and equipment are generally to be hired from the studio, owned equipment may be used upon agreement, offering flexibility for photographers and their teams.


Location: London N1
Echoing the loft-style spaces of its namesake, Brooklyn offers a New York Penthouse Apartment aesthetic within the heart of London, positioned conveniently between Shoreditch and Hoxton. The space is divided across two floors and flooded with natural light, making it perfect for lifestyle shoots, television productions, and advertising campaigns. Additionally, it serves as an ideal Green Room, offering a relaxing environment for talent and crew alike. The studio’s accessibility and versatile design make it a prime location for large and small shoots.


Location: London N16

Just north of Dalston, Albion emerges as an elegant, contemporary space designed with high-level specifications. It features an impressive 5.5-metre uninterrupted ceiling height and is equipped with three-phase electricity. The studio boasts exceptional daylight illumination, full blackout capability, and a bespoke sound system. Beyond its utilitarian white studio space, Albion presents multiple shooting areas, making it versatile for various photographic disciplines, from fashion and beauty to still life and small-scale film productions.

The Location Guys offer a refined selection of minimalist locations in London, each with its unique charm and features, catering to the diverse needs of the photographic community. Whether you seek the raw elegance of Clerkenwell, the adaptive space of the White Gallery, the canal-side vistas of Haggerston, the New York loft style of Brooklyn, or the contemporary versatility of Albion, these studios provide the perfect minimalist backdrop to bring your creative visions to life. With such a variety of spaces available, photographers are spoilt for choice, ensuring that every shoot can be as dynamic and distinctive as the creative minds behind them.


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