Redefined Photo Shoot Locations with Clean Lines in London

The Location Guys showcases a few outstanding locations and a collection of redefined photo shoot locations that stand out for their clean lines and contemporary aesthetics. The Location Guys offer an impressive roster of properties that cater to the needs of photographers, filmmakers, and event planners seeking minimalist elegance and modern sophistication.

White Gallery, E8

Situated near the fashionable Broadway Market, White Gallery is a contemporary space that spans 3800 sqft across two levels, including a ground floor and basement. The ground floor showcases large windows and a courtyard-style terrace, embracing concrete elements and granite floors for a sleek look. The basement features a painted concrete floor, pillars, and ceiling, providing a versatile backdrop for film and photography, brand experiences, and events. This gallery’s adaptability and modern design make it an ideal location for projects demanding a minimalist aesthetic.

Rockhampton, SE27

Hidden in a private nook on a secluded road, Rockhampton is a unique four-bedroom home that combines privacy with open-plan elegance. The property is characterised by its long, gallery-like entrance, vast living spaces, and enclosed rear garden, offering a serene atmosphere. The interior’s full-width glazed doors and charred larch-clad outhouse add to its modern appeal, while the paved patio and lush garden provide a beautiful outdoor setting for shoots.

Kelsey Park, BR3

Adjacent to Kelsey Park in Beckenham, this contemporary 4-bedroom home offers a blend of security and style with its gated entrance and sophisticated design. The property features stylish oak chevron hardwood flooring, double-height windows, and a skylit living room, ensuring abundant natural light. Its exterior boasts sleek lines and a tranquil, landscaped garden, making it an exquisite location for photo shoots looking for a blend of modernity and privacy.

White House, BR1

Behind electric gates lies the White House, a spacious family home of new construction adorned with neutral tones and impressive features that play with scale and height. The property’s triple-height atrium, sleek staircase, and well-proportioned rooms are bathed in natural light, creating a setting for commercial shoots, especially those focusing on luxury and design.

Fontaine, SW16

Fontaine is a spacious Edwardian semi-detached house, beautifully decorated and furnished with incredible attention to detail. Its stunning tiled entrance hall, open plan kitchen, living and dining space, and home gym all contribute to its allure. The house combines original features with modern luxury, offering a versatile backdrop for shoots that require a blend of historical charm and contemporary finesse.

Blush, E5

This Victorian townhouse in London has been modernised with a glass box extension and minimal mid-century styling. The property features white-painted floorboards, a contemporary kitchen with polished concrete floors, and a landscaped rear garden. Its blend of vintage and modern elements makes Blush an ideal setting for shoots with a minimalist yet warm ambience.

Harrow Road Loft, W9

Harrow Road Loft offers a loft-style apartment with a minimalistic design, large windows, and skylights that flood the space with natural light. The industrial-style steel staircase and light oak floors complement the contemporary furnishings, creating a spacious, inviting atmosphere perfect for modern lifestyle shoots.

Tower Bridge, SE1

This newly refurbished riverside venue offers a sophisticated and adaptable space with views of Tower Bridge and the city. Its neutral design and stunning location make it an exceptional choice for corporate events, private gatherings, and photo shoots that seek to capture the essence of London’s iconic skyline.

Kensington Loft, W8

Kensington Loft, a two-bedroom apartment with gallery-like interiors, spans three floors and is bathed in natural light. The open-plan living space, contemporary kitchen, and minimalist furnishings are underscored by an exposed steel and glass staircase, providing a visually striking setting for photo shoots and film productions focused on modern elegance.

Minimalist Locations

These locations in London redefine the concept of clean lines and minimalist design, offering diverse backdrops for creatives seeking sophistication and simplicity. Whether for fashion shoots, film productions, or brand events, The Location Guys provide access to spaces that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them the go-to choice for projects that demand a refined visual narrative.


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