Photo Studios for Shoots and Events in London N1

The Location Guys showcase a unique collection of studio spaces that offers unparalleled opportunities for photo shoots and events. These locations stand out not only for their distinctive characteristics but also for their adaptability and technical specifications, catering to the diverse needs of creatives.

Haggerston One:

Haggerston One presents a spacious 1,650 sq ft studio with canal-fronted windows, offering a serene and inspiring backdrop for any shoot or event. The full cove and daylight or total blackout options cater to various lighting needs, while the 3.6m ceiling height enhances the space’s versatility. Power is ample with 63amp 3 phase, 32amp 3 phase, and 32amp single phase options, ensuring all technical requirements are easily met.

Haggerston Two:

This 950 sq ft studio space is characterised by its north-facing windows and concrete feature walls, which provide a contemporary urban setting. Like its sibling locations, it offers daylight or full blackout options and a 3.6m ceiling height. The power supply includes 32amp 3 phase and 32amp single phase, making it suitable for smaller, more intimate events or shoots requiring a unique aesthetic.

Haggerston Three:

Offering 1,000 sq ft of creative space, Haggerston Three is notable for its 9ft ceiling height and 13amp single phase power. This studio is an excellent option for those seeking a more compact location without compromising the quality and flexibility required for professional shoots and gatherings.

Haggerston Four and Five:

Both studios, nearly identical in size at around 975 sq ft and 965 sq ft, respectively, feature canal-fronted windows, three-phase power, and blackout options. With a 3.5m ceiling height, these spaces are ideal for photo shoots and events that benefit from natural light and privacy.

Haggerston Six:

Uniquely equipped with a kitchen shoot space, Haggerston Six spans 1,200 sq ft and offers north-facing windows, three-phase power, and blackout options. The main studio space has a 3.3m high ceiling, making it perfect for food photography, cooking shows, or any event that requires a kitchen setup.

Minimalist Locations

The Haggerston studios are not just spaces; they are canvases ready to be transformed to bring your creative vision to life. Each studio’s distinct features—from canal views to concrete walls and versatile lighting options—ensure you can find the perfect setting for your project or event. The photo studios technical specifications, including various power options and ceiling heights, provide the necessary infrastructure to support the most demanding productions.


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