New Industrial Locations for Filming in London

London has long been a dynamic backdrop for filmmakers and photographers seeking unique and visually compelling locations. Among the city’s diverse offerings, industrial locations have become increasingly sought after for their raw aesthetics, versatile spaces, and rich historical narratives. The Location Guys, a premier filming location provider, offers an array of newly available industrial settings in London that cater to a wide range of creative needs.

Clapton Warehouse

Location: London, E5

The Clapton Warehouse is a converted space that spans over 2,000 sq ft, creating a vast studio shoot area. It features an open kitchen, a lobby area, a main hall with a high vaulted ceiling and exposed trusses, and a private hair and makeup area. Its first floor adds versatility for larger projects. With direct street access, the shop front allows for pop-up events, further enhanced by white walls and polished concrete floors for a gallery feel. Skylights across the studio ensure ample natural lighting, making it ideal for various productions.

Seven Sisters

Location: London, N15

This 2,600 sq ft studio in North London resides in a converted textile factory. It’s part of a complex offering shared outdoor space and is distinguished by its open plan, alcoves, textured backgrounds, and original architectural details like aged brickwork and wooden ceilings. Natural light floods through large windows, complementing the range of props available. This space has a kitchen, green room, makeup/change room, and industrial heating, making it well-suited for photography and film projects.


Location: London, N15

Ermine N15 shares its complex with Seven Sisters, providing a 2,000 sq ft ground floor studio with a raw industrial charm. The studio’s original sandblasted brick and concrete elements offer various shooting backgrounds, featuring two main shooting rooms, a separate kitchen, and a bathroom area. Its constantly updated props and comprehensive power options enhance the space’s flexibility.

Minimalist Locations


Location: London, SE13

The Carousel studio, nestled on the border of Deptford, Greenwich, and Blackheath, is a characterful spice warehouse conversion. Its large size, accessible location, and eclectic props make it a prime choice for film, photography, and events. The inclusion of a commercial kitchen and a roof deck garden adds layers of possibility for creative use.

Hackney Four

Location: London, E5

This warehouse-style studio features exposed brick and concrete floors, embodying the quintessential industrial aesthetic. It offers a spacious main shooting area, kitchen, and blackout options, catering to diverse filming and photography needs with ample power supply and ground floor access.

The Film Shed

Location: London, E8

With a history as varied as London, The Film Shed presents a unique venue that has evolved from a part of the London Gaslight and Coke company to a sought-after filming location. Its facilities include electric blackout blinds, changing and makeup rooms, and versatile spaces accommodating cars and furniture shoots.

Minimalist Locations

The House Next Door

Location: London, N16

This five-floored former building merchants in London’s Jewish Quarter blends wonderful textures and wallpapers with large windows for natural light, making it a favourite in the fashion industry and beyond. The space’s themed rooms and outdoor yard offer diverse backdrops for shoots.

MC Motors

Location: London, E8

A 6,000-square-foot warehouse with a history of varied industrial use, MC Motors features skylighted roofs, textured walls, and a range of props. It’s a space that continually adapts, providing a backdrop that can shift to meet the needs of any shoot.

The Depository

Location: London, N16

This 5,000 sq ft industrial warehouse in Stoke Newington offers four floors of textured walls, different floorings, and natural daylight. Its history as the original “Dragons Den” location adds a layer of intrigue, with facilities to black out the location and various props at disposal.

Minimalist Locations

Hackney Workshops

Location: London, E2

Offering a mix of gallery and office spaces, Hackney Workshops is a flexible location that caters to various creative needs. Its exposed brick, timber beams, and polished concrete floors provide an ideal industrial aesthetic for shoots and events.

Greenwich Warehouse

Location: London, SE10

A 19th-century warehouse with exposed brick and original beams, this location combines historical charm with functional space. Available for various uses, it can accommodate drive-in projects and benefits from a collection of vintage props.


Location: London, N15

This transformed industrial warehouse offers a blank canvas with 8,500 sq ft of adaptable space. It is designed with flexibility and includes an onsite bar & cafe, pre-installed trusswork, and lighting infrastructure, making it suitable for a wide range of events and productions.

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