Finding the Right Photography Studio for Your Shoot

You’re a new photographer who has just landed your first significant photo shoot project. The project can be for corporate, product or fashion.

So how do find the right studio for your shoot?

1. Quality of Previous Shoots

Check the portfolios on various websites and consider what excites or moves you the most. Which studio has the best craftsmanship or most innovative in terms of composition and light? Or maybe getting the best emotion and expression from the individual is essential for you?

2. Consider Location

When deciding on the photography studio, you must consider the location. Longer distances may require overnight expenses eating into the budget.

Secondly, choose a convenient studio for everyone participating in the photo shoot. As you have a schedule to maintain, you don’t want to spend hours waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.

3. Prioritise Amenities and Comfort

Long photoshoots can be tiring for photographers, assistants, and models. The proper studio has space for resting, eating and brainstorming. It should also have decent lavatories, changing rooms, and makeup tables. They should also have some essential accessories and tools necessary for a photographer during shoots. They include:

  • Allen wrenches and Hex keys
  • Clamps
  • Black and white cards
  • Clothing pins and clips
  • Scissors

4. Equipment

Not all studios are the same. Check their equipment and accessories provided. Some essential equipment you may need include:

  • Lighting: This is obvious. But you may need additional for the shoot or choose a studio that allows natural light in their space
  • Backdrop: This can be made from muslin, seamless paper, canvas, or old bed sheets
  • Support for your backdrop: Check and double check what you will need
  • Softbox

5. Check Studio Size and Ceiling Height

With a bigger space, you’ll have more options to utilise the studio. You can use more props, crate two different sets, and even do multiple shoots.

The ceiling height is another important consideration especially if it requires the use of bounce flash photography and does it come with rigging.

6. Rates

If this is your first search for a studio, create a basic comparison table of rates, duration, distance, included equipment etc. As your studio time increases you will develope an instinctual feel about rates.

7. Customer Service

Poor customer service can impact the sitting itself and other levels of the shooting process, such as sales service, product selection, and pre-shoot advice. Ensure the studio is reputable for personal service and is willing to answer your questions at any time.

8. Privacy

Large shared multi studio locations have their benefits, but if you need privacy, double check this. An efficient photo studio that is only accessible by you and your crew should be closed entirely. To avoid distractions, the studio can even be better if the restrooms are located within the same area if you want to use them as changing rooms.

9. Silence

For both video and photo shoots, it is essential to have a quiet creative space. A silent room allows all involved to focus on the job. This is especially essential for video shoots, as too much background noise can deter or disrupt the initial audio.

10. Food

For the convenience of all involved in the shoot, choosing a photo studio near food vendors is essential. This will make it easy to order food for lunch and breaks. In certain instances, the studio you choose may provide catering or have a café in the same building where they deliver to the studio. Sometimes, these minor logistical details make a significant difference.

11. Assorted Equipment

Assorted equipment such as an ironing board, iron, clothing racks, makeup mirrors, and so on. Furthermore, you may need to check the number of outlets available in the studio and if they provide extension cords. Its those tiny things you forget on the day.

Final Word

The tips above should help you find a good photography studio for your photo shoot as you build up your studio time.

Good luck in your first studio shoot!


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