Fashion Photo Shoot Locations: An Insider’s Guide

In fashion photography, the backdrop of a photo shoot is just as important as the clothing featured. The right location adds depth, character, and context, transforming a simple photograph into a narrative piece. For photographers, designers, and brands, selecting the perfect spot for a fashion photo shoot involves a blend of creative vision and logistical planning. This guide delves into an array of exceptional locations offered by The Location Guys, a premier destination for finding versatile and captivating settings across the UK. Whether you’re orchestrating a high-fashion editorial or showcasing the latest product line, this insider’s guide navigates through London’s chic urban spaces, the rustic charm of country locales, dynamic industrial settings, and purpose-built studios, ensuring your next shoot is nothing short of spectacular.

London Locations

Houses and Apartments:

With its eclectic mix of historical charm and modern sophistication, London offers many residential locations that can serve as the perfect backdrop for fashion shoots. The Location Guys’ selection of London homes and apartments ranges from Victorian townhouses with period features to contemporary lofts boasting panoramic city views. These settings provide a variety of atmospheres, from intimate and cosy to sleek and modern, ideal for fashion editorials, product shoots, and brand campaigns looking to capture a distinct London vibe.

London Homes

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Country Locations

Beyond the City Limits:

The Location Guys offer an exquisite collection of country properties for those looking to escape the urban environment. From quaint cottages in lush landscapes to majestic mansions with sprawling estates, these locations provide a serene and picturesque setting for any fashion shoot. The diversity of the countryside locations allows for a wide range of thematic shoots, whether it’s a bohemian-style session in a woodland clearing or an elegant affair on the grounds of a historic manor.

Country Homes

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Industrial and Commercial Locations

Urban Edge:

Adding an edgy and contemporary feel to fashion photography, industrial and commercial spaces are increasingly popular for shoots that aim to stand out. The Location Guys curate a selection of unique industrial locations, including warehouses, factories, and loft spaces. With their raw textures, large windows, and expansive spaces, these locations offer a dynamic and flexible environment for creating impactful visual narratives. Perfect for avant-garde fashion editorials or product shoots that require a gritty, urban backdrop.


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Studio Locations

Controlled Creativity:

When control over lighting, background, and atmosphere is paramount, studio locations offer unparalleled flexibility. The Location Guys’ studio locations are equipped to accommodate a wide range of fashion photography needs, from high-key commercial shoots to detailed product photography. These spaces often come with professional lighting setups, various backdrop options, and ample room for styling, making them an ideal choice for fashion brands and photographers who seek consistency and precision in their visuals.


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Choosing the right location for your fashion photo shoot is more than finding a beautiful space. It involves considering the story you want to tell through your images. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of London’s architectural heritage, the natural beauty of the countryside, the rawness of industrial settings, or the versatility of studio spaces, The Location Guys offer a comprehensive portfolio to meet your creative needs.

Remember, your chosen location becomes a silent character in your fashion narrative. It sets the mood, influences the lighting, and contributes significantly to your work’s overall aesthetic. With The Location Guys, you have access to an extensive range of locations that can help bring your creative vision to life, making your next fashion photo shoot memorable.


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