Blackout Photography Studios in London – New for 2024

As the photography industry evolves, so do the spaces where creativity blooms. London, a hub for fashion, film, and advertising, continues to expand its offerings with innovative studio spaces tailored to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers. Among these, blackout photography studios have gained significant attention for their versatility and the control they offer over lighting conditions.

Showcasing new 2024 locations available for hire through The Location Guys, detailing their features and why they stand out in the bustling London scene.


Sound Box

Location: London NW10

Situated in NW10, the Sound Box is a cutting-edge facility boasting a 1,270 sqft soundproof infinity cove studio. Ideal for various shoots, from commercial campaigns to private shoots, this studio offers a pre-lit U-shape cove (9.2m x 4.2m x 6.2m x 4m) with Chroma-Q Space Force LED lights. The space is about visual appeal and audio integrity, thanks to insulated sound walls and ABS acoustic treatment.

Facilities include:

  • 3-phase 32 amp power and multiple single-phase connections.
  • A large open-plan area is suitable for set builds and extensive projects.
  • Accessible green room with natural light and amenities for comfort during extended shoots.

This studio’s extensive soundproofing and lighting setups make it a premier choice for productions where audio and visual quality are paramount.


Black Box

Location: London NW10

For those who prefer a blank canvas tailored to specific artistic visions, Black Box in NW10 offers a 1,800 sqft open plan space on the first floor. It features an 11.5 x 12m entirely black, 360-degree shooting/stage area, perfect for photography and video projects requiring complete control over lighting and backdrop.

Facilities include:

  • Options for complete blackout or natural daylight settings.
  • A selection of in-built lighting equipment and additional gear is available for hire.
  • Kitchenette and makeup area to support crew and talent throughout the shoot.

The versatility of Black Box makes it ideal for creatives who need a flexible environment to bring their vision to life.


Green Screen

Location: London SE18

Studio Green is located in SE18 and caters extensively to digital and visual effects professionals with its full ‘U’ shaped chroma green cyclorama. The studio is equipped with Kino lighting and a Kino Diva backlight, which are crucial for separating the subject from the background in visual effects work.

Facilities include:

  • Blackout curtains and vinyl flooring are available for conversion into a blackout studio.
  • High ceilings and ample floor space to accommodate complex setups like jibs or mocap systems.
  • The kitchenette has refreshment facilities and comfortable temperature control.

Studio Green is the go-to choice for professionals working in visual effects and digital content who require a specialised setup.



Location: London E14

For those needing a space devoid of natural light, the Blackout studio in E14 offers an entirely light-controlled environment in the basement. This feature is essential for projects that require consistent lighting unaffected by external conditions.

Facilities include:

  • Separate areas for hair and makeup, kitchen, and production, providing a comprehensive work environment.
  • It is ideal for projects that demand a meticulous lighting setup.

This studio’s location and design provide an optimal shooting setting, requiring absolute control over every aspect of the production environment.

The new blackout photography studios in London offer a range of options tailored to different needs within the photography and film industries. Whether it’s soundproofing, controlled lighting, or flexible spaces, these studios represent what modern facilities can offer.


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