Lifestyle Photo Shoot Ideas for your Next Shot

Lifestyle photography mainly consists of content that is not traditionally staged. It captures actual life events and moments in a fun and creative way. Below is a guide to help you with ideas on where and how to take beautiful, natural photos that will show off your brand in the best possible way.

Location Ideas

Here are a few things to consider when picking a location for your lifestyle photo shoot:

  • Time of day– An outdoor location will work best if you want a shot with the sun in it. Try an indoor location with many windows for a more natural look.
  • Background– You want something that compliments your subject and doesn’t distract from them. There may be better choices than a busy street or park, but a quiet room with some interesting art on the walls could work well.
  • Props for your shoot– If you’re doing a food shoot, you’ll need some plates, utensils, and food items. If you’re shooting a fashion editorial, you’ll need some clothes and accessories. Choose your location based on what will fit best with your overall vision for the shoot.

Unique Lifestyle Photoshoot Location Ideas


Beaches are a classic location for lifestyle photo shoots. The soft light, the sound of the waves, and the smell of salt in the air add to the romanticism of the setting. Here are a few tips to help you get the most beautiful shots during your beach shoot:

  1. Use a long lens– This will help you capture the vast expanse of the beach without including too much-unwanted background.
  2. Time your shoot around sunset or sunrise– The sun’s warm glow will add a layer of beauty to your photos.
  3. Get close to your subject– Whether you’re shooting portraits or candid shots, getting close to your subjects will help you capture their emotions and personalities.
  4. Use props wisely– Beach umbrellas, towels, and even shells can make great props that add interest to your photos. Just be sure not to overdo it!
  5. Be prepared for changeable weather conditions– The beach can be a notoriously unpredictable place regarding weather, so pack extra clothes and have a backup plan in case of rain or strong winds.


If you’re looking for a breath taking location for your lifestyle photo shoot, why not consider a countryside location? Here are some tips to help you get the most beautiful shots:

  • Choose a time of day when the light is soft and gentle, such as early morning or late afternoon. This will help you avoid harsh shadows and create a softer, more romantic atmosphere.
  • If possible, position your subjects before a natural opening in the foliage, such as an archway formed by trees. This will create a stunning framing effect for your shot.
  • Use a longer lens to capture the sense of scale and grandeur of your surroundings. This will also help you blur out any distracting background elements.
  • Get creative with your compositions and try to capture unique perspectives that show off the beauty of nature. For example, lie on your back and shoot up through the trees, or use a shallow depth of field to focus on one particular element in the scene.

Fairytale Village

A fairytale village is a perfect place for a lifestyle photo shoot. The quaint, picturesque setting is ideal for couples or families who want to capture beautiful shots together. And with these few tips, you can ensure that your photos turn out perfectly.

  1. Choose the right time of day– The lighting in a Fairytale Village can be quite magical, so you’ll want to choose when the light is at its best. Early morning or late afternoon are usually the best times for photography.
  2. Consider the weather– A sunny day may seem like the perfect time for photos, but harsh sunlight can create unflattering shadows and highlights. Try shooting in the shade instead if it’s a mainly sunny day.
  3. Get close to your subject matter– When shooting in such a small space, it’s essential to get close to your subject matter to fill the frame and avoid getting too much background information in your shot.
  4. Use a tripod– Because of the close quarters, tripods are often necessary to avoid blurry photos. If you don’t have one, consider using a nearby wall or fence to support your camera.
  5. Take advantage of the details– A Fairytale Village is full of charming details like flower-lined streets and wrought iron gates. Be sure to include some.

Market Place

The market is a great place to get lifestyle photos because there are many different types of people and activities. You can get photos of people shopping, bargaining, cooking, eating, and more. The colors and textures of the market make for great photos, too. Here are some tips for getting beautiful shots at the market:

  • Get there early in the morning before the crowds arrive. This will allow you to get some shots of the vendors setting up their stalls and the products being brought in.
  • Walk around and take in all the sights and sounds of the market. This will help you identify potential photo opportunities that you might not have noticed otherwise.
  • Be patient and wait for the perfect moment to snap your shot. Sometimes it takes a while for things to come together ideally, but it’ll be worth it when you get that perfect photo.


If you’re looking for new and exciting lifestyle photo shoot ideas, why not try a city location? There are endless possibilities for exciting locations and props, and you can make your photos stand out with creativity. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Pick a busy street corner and photograph people going about their day. You can capture some great candid moments this way.
  • Head to a local park or green space and do a nature-themed photo shoot. This is especially beautiful when everything is in bloom in the spring or summer.
  • Get up high for an aerial shot of the cityscape. This could be from a rooftop or even just a tall building.
  • Visit some of the city’s landmarks and take photos of them from different angles. You could also include people in your shots to add scale and context.
  • Urban decay can also make for some beautiful shots. Look for areas with graffiti or interesting textures and incorporate them into your composition.

The Benefits Of A Good Location For Your Lifestyle Photo Shoot

1. The perfect backdrop– A good location will provide the perfect backdrop for your photos. Whether you’re looking for a natural setting or something more urban, there’s sure to be a location that perfectly suits your needs.

2. Plenty of space– A good location will also offer plenty of space for you to work with. This is important if you want to get a variety of shots or if you have a large group you’re shooting with.

3. Variety– A good location will offer plenty of variety, which is important for keeping your photos interesting. With different settings, lighting, and props, you can come up with endless possibilities for your photos.

4. Convenience– A good location should also be convenient for you and your group. This means finding a place that’s easy to get to and has all the amenities you need nearby.

Types Of Photos You Should Include In Your Next Lifestyle Photo Shoot

  1. Action shots- Whether you’re cooking dinner, playing with your pet, or out and about running errands, action shots help show off your everyday life in a dynamic way.
  2. Location shots- Give viewers a sense of place by including photos that showcase where you live and work. If you have a beautiful backyard or favorite park nearby, snap pictures there too.
  3. Portraits- A few well-posed portraits will help give your photo shoot a personal touch. Include shots of yourself, your family, and your friends.
  4. Details- Remember the little things. Photos of details like your favorite coffee mug or the flowers on your kitchen table help create a complete picture of your lifestyle.

Location and lifestyle photo shoot ideas are essential when planning your following picture-perfect moment. Remember to have fun with it and be creative; the best photographs always come from those who enjoy their work.


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