Finding Unique Influencer Photo Shoot Locations in London

London’s diverse landscape makes it a sought-after location for influencer photo shoots. The city offers a mix of historic landmarks, modern architecture, and green spaces, providing various backdrops for photographers. The challenge lies in finding unique and visually appealing locations that haven’t been extensively featured. For influencers, the right location is crucial. It enhances the visual appeal of their content, supports their brand identity, and connects with their audience.

Identifying these distinctive locations in a city as vast as London requires expertise. This is where The Location Guys come into play. As a location agency, they specialise in providing access to unique locations that align with influencers’ specific needs and styles. Their location library allows influencers to concentrate on creating impactful content rather than spend time scouting for locations.


The Location in Influencer Photography

Location plays a crucial role in influencer photography. It does more than serve as a backdrop; it significantly influences the aesthetics of a photo and, in turn, audience engagement. A well-chosen location can add depth, context, and character to a photograph, making it more engaging and shareable among followers.

Unique locations offer a visual storytelling element that standard or overused backgrounds cannot. They capture the viewer’s attention and help build a distinct visual identity for the influencer. An influencer focusing on luxury lifestyle might choose luxury and contemporary locations, while another emphasising sustainability might opt for natural, green spaces. This location alignment with personal brand identity helps create a consistent and recognisable image for the influencer.

Influencers have utilised settings like Shoreditch’s vibrant streets or the Tower Bridge’s classic backdrop to create visually distinct and memorable content. These settings add to their shoots’ aesthetic quality and resonate with their brand narratives, making their content stand out in the digital landscape.

According to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub, posts with unique and visually appealing locations have been shown to have up to 25% more engagement compared to those with generic and overused location backgrounds. This highlights the importance of carefully selecting locations that look good and engage and captivate the audience.


Overused Influencer Locations in London

Specific locations have become noticeably overused in the landscape of influencer photography in London. While these spots are popular due to their aesthetic appeal and recognizability, their frequent appearance on social media platforms has led to a sense of redundancy.

Tower Bridge and the London Eye:
These iconic landmarks are perhaps some of the most photographed locations in London. While they offer a quintessentially London backdrop, the abundance of content featuring these sites has diluted their uniqueness.

Notting Hill:
Known for its colourful townhouses and quaint streets, Notting Hill has been a favourite among influencers for its picturesque setting. However, the area’s popularity has led to an influx of similar content, making it a less distinctive choice for shoots.

Shoreditch Street Art:
Shoreditch, particularly famous for its vibrant street art, initially provided a gritty and urban contrast to London’s traditional imagery. However, the widespread use of these graffiti backgrounds has become commonplace in influencer feeds.

Richmond Park and Hyde Park:
These parks are known for their natural beauty and expansive green spaces. While they offer a serene escape from the city’s hustle, their frequent use in influencer photography has made them less appealing to those seeking originality.

Regent Street and Oxford Street:
These bustling shopping streets were once sought after for capturing London’s dynamic urban life. However, the repetition of shots from these locations has led to saturation, making them less attractive for fresh and innovative content.

The overuse of these locations has led to a challenge for influencers in finding new and unexplored spots that can offer a fresh perspective and help their content stand out. This trend underscores the need for creativity and exploration beyond the well-trodden paths in influencer photography.


Location Agencies Reinventing Influencer Photography

Location agencies are increasingly used in influencer photography by offering access to diverse shooting locations. These agencies specialise in providing unique and visually compelling location backdrops for photo and film projects. Using location agencies, influencers can significantly expand their location options beyond shared public spaces and well-known landmarks.

The Location Guys offer a distinct advantage in this regard. They provide influencers access to an extensive portfolio of locations across London and the UK. This portfolio includes a variety of private residential properties, commercial buildings, industrial sites, and dedicated photography studios. Such a wide range of choices allows influencers to find settings that align with their creative vision and brand identity.

The Location Guys location portfolio ranges from locations where extensive set design and decoration are permissible to spaces ideal for ‘shoot and stay’ projects. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for influencers who require specific aesthetic settings or want to create more elaborate photographic narratives.

Their team provides personalised assistance to influencers. They help select the best location for a particular project, considering factors like lighting, space, and thematic relevance. This support is crucial in ensuring that the chosen location complements the influencer’s content, enhancing the quality and impact of their work.

By leveraging the services of a location agency, influencers can move away from the overused public locations and into a world of unique, less-explored locations. This not only aids in creating fresh and engaging content but also contributes to maintaining a distinct presence in the competitive sphere of influencer marketing.


Unique Influencer Locations in London

A unique selection of hand-picked London location properties, each chosen for the unique and attractive features that make them an ideal backdrop for photoshoots and filming.

Contemporary Locations


Exposed Brick

Exposed Brick


Grand Staircase


Island Hob




Selecting unique locations is fundamental to influencer content creation, significantly enhancing its appeal and distinctiveness. In a city as diverse as London, the potential for finding novel and visually striking backdrops is vast, yet the challenge of discovering these hidden gems remains. Moving away from overused spots and embracing unique shoot locations rejuvenates content and strengthens an influencer’s brand identity.

Professional help from location agencies like The Location Guys proves invaluable in this context. Their expertise and extensive portfolio allow influencers to access various unique locations, from private residences to exclusive commercial spaces. This assistance is crucial in navigating the complexities of location scouting, ensuring that the chosen backdrop aligns seamlessly with the influencer’s creative vision and project requirements.

As the landscape of influencer photography in London continues to evolve, the need for innovation in location selection becomes increasingly important. Influencers looking for new and exciting locations will likely stand out in a crowded digital space. Exploring diverse locations, supported by professional guidance, is not just about finding a backdrop for photography; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.


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