Why Use a Photography Studio

There are several things that makes a good shooting location, but if you have challenges with budget and time, a studio comes in handy. There are so many more benefits to bring your professional shoots to the studio.

Benefits of Using a Photography Studio

1. Control Elements

On location shoots are great when you want to shoot nature. However, you are at the mercy of the weather. There are so many variables that determine the quality of the photos you take. Some of the elements are easy to control when you work in a photography studio. For instance, you can control the lighting, and you are also immune from bad weather. Whether it rains or the sun shines bright outside, the weather will not affect the quality of your shoot.

2. Easier to Schedule

You need to plan for two people during a set – the model and you. However, the number might be higher, especially when you have several models, make-up artists, assistants, and several other people to facilitate the shoot. The logistics will challenge you during location shoots, especially if the weather is rough. During studio photography, you only need to focus on the schedule.

Again, loading large set pieces can be challenging, especially where the shoot location is off a beaten path. Instead, you can set your studio to mirror the outdoor environment in your studio and avoid the hassle of moving large set pieces off the road or for long distances.

3. Efficient Working with an Easy to Set Green Screen

The studio environment is clean and already designed for photography. This space allows you (the photographer), the models, and the assistants to prep with ease. If you shoot on location, you have to deal with so many variables. The space might be dirty, you may not have the privacy you need for a quick change of clothes, and the terrain may not allow easy setting of lights and other elements. These inconveniences will slow you down and cost you so much time. In a studio, the planning and execution stages will be highly efficient.

It is not easy setting up a green screen when shooting on location. You can get the primary background shot, but the screen will not be as perfect as would in a studio. If the studio you use already has a green screen set up, or they have a cove, you will be done with half of your setup and be ready to start snapping photos.

4. Feed and Motivate Your Crew

On location and studio shoots can take several hours. From the setup to makeup to the shoot, there is so much to do that you may spend a whole day in the studio. In most cases, you may only need to plan for two or three people, but there are times you have an entire crew. In the studio, you may have makeup artists, wardrobe oversight, corporate oversight, models, and so many others. It is easy to deliver catered meals in a studio. Better still, some studios have a kitchenette where you can make coffee and motivate the crew to keep working. These studios also have sufficient seating so that your crew can eat fast and get back to work.

With on location shoots, you have to pack food – which is not as good as enjoying fresh meals. Food is a great way to motivate the crew for another hour of shooting.

5. Control Lighting and Avoid Distractions

Lighting is challenging to control during location shoots. There are always shadows, interferences, and angles to deal with, especially during busy hours of the day. In a studio, you have overhead lights, standalone lights, and diffusers to get the light right. You can eliminate shadows and ensure the subject gets enough illumination for perfect shots.

Better still, you are in a closed set. This means you do not need a permit to shoot, and you never have to deal with distractions. You never have to deal with foot traffic and privacy issues. Here, you are able to close off the set and focus on the subject for the best photos. If you are taking photos of prominent people, you can even have the studio staff sign a non-disclosure agreement so that stories of the shoot do not leave the studio. This way, you have total control of the privacy of the shoot. You also feel secure when you shoot indoors.

6. Control the Budget

You have control of all the details of the shoot. As such, you never have to deal with budget overruns. Before the day of the shoot, you can visit the studio and check the dimensions and plan the entire setup in advance. You can ask to come in early and do your setup before the scheduled time. This way, you can minimize the number of the crew members you need and make the shoot faster and with less distraction. When you plan early, you control variables as much as possible to make the shoot run smooth.

7. Diverse Background

On location shoots can have diverse backgrounds, but that means you have to move your setup after every few minutes of shooting. When you work in a studio, you have the flexibility of changing the sets and your backgrounds with so much ease. You can bold colours as backgrounds, or you can use the green screen that allows you to add the background after production. You only need to ensure that the lighting matches and the background will fit right into any photo.

You also get to control the colour of your photos. In case you go for a location shoot, the sun determines the quality of the photos. You do not have control over the colours of the light from the sun. However, in a closed space, you can control the colour of the light until you get a perfect colour. You never have to worry about the sun, the clouds, and the weather.

8. Get Additional Equipment

What happens when you forget to bring an extra lens during location shoots? What if you forget a cable? If you do not bring extra batteries, or you forget an equipment, you have no room for improvisation. It is either the shoot is cut shot, or you make do with what you have. In a studio shoot, you will have extra equipment, and you have so much wiggle room. There are studio equipment and a studio crew that can help you get all the items you forgot to bring. If you can’t see something, ask and the studio will provide.

9. Enjoy the Convenience of Extra Rooms and Work at Any Hour

When shooting models, the quality of the makeup and hair affects the quality of your photos. The dressing and the colour of these dresses also need to be perfect. Shooting on location can be hectic when you need to make a quick change of clothes or change the makeup on the face. When you shoot in a studio, you have extra rooms for makeup, change of clothes, and for privacy when you need it.

There are also green rooms where the crew, models, clients, and other people in the studio can unwind. In between a shoot, there will be downtime where everyone will need to relax and talk about the shoot. With location shoots, there is no space for downtime unless you have a wagon or a trailer where the crew can relax.

Further, because you have so many amenities in the studio, you can come in at any hour and get on with the shoot. If the models have a tight schedule during the day, you can work out a schedule when all of you are not occupied and get on with the shoot. With a studio, you do not have to worry of the logistics, but of the time to get the shoot going.

10. Start Photography Post Production

There is no power connection when you do location shoots. Instead, you have to bring your photos back to your workstation for post-production processes. In a photography studio, you can set up your digital post production set with a few cables. This way, you can note any mistakes and correct them before the end of the shoot.

11. Work with Professionals and have Corporate Oversight

Studio staff are in the photography industry, and they can help you edit and create the best setup for your photos. Further, you get to work with professional makeup artists and assistants who make the work very easy for you.

You also get VIP oversight, especially when you are shooting product photos. Instead of sending the photos and them asking for revisions, they may be there to say the angles they need for the product. You do not get this with location shoots.

Are you ready to start shooting in a studio? Get your gear right and visit the studio to see what your options are. With the right setup for lights and other equipment, you will have the best quality photos from a studio. The good part is, you can edit your photos as much as you want and give them the background you want, depending on your shooting goals.


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