Up and Coming British Commercial Photographers to Watch in 2023

In British commercial photography’s culturally rich and constantly evolving landscape, 2023 is a year of unprecedented innovation and growth. A fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology paints a vibrant industry picture, opening doors to unexplored avenues and inspiring visions.

Commercial photography is no longer confined to mere product showcases or brand imagery. It has transcended into an expressive medium where creativity, aesthetics, and the commercial message blend seamlessly. Fresh talents are at the forefront of this evolution, daring to challenge norms and infuse originality into commercial visuals. Their audacious approaches enhance visual communication and redefine how we perceive and interact with brands.

With this surge of innovation, 2023 brings a new wave of promising British commercial photographers into the spotlight. From mastering the latest technological marvels to those breathing life into age-old techniques, these artists offer a glimpse into the future of commercial photography.

The Evolution of Commercial Photography in the UK

Commercial photography in Britain boasts a rich and varied history, stretching back to the dawn of the photographic era. From the earliest daguerreotypes used for advertising in the mid-19th century to the sweeping changes brought about by the digital revolution, the trajectory of commercial photography in the UK has been one of constant innovation and evolution.

In the post-war era, British photographers began to challenge traditional advertising conventions, opting for more authentic and often avant-garde approaches. The rise of fashion photography in the 1960s, led by iconic figures such as David Bailey, catapulted commercial photography to new artistic heights. Since then, the lines between art, advertising, and commercial photography have blurred, shaping a uniquely British aesthetic.

Contemporary Trends and Market Needs

Fast forward to 2023, and the British commercial photography landscape is as vibrant and diverse as ever. The demands of the digital age have spurred photographers to explore new mediums and platforms, catering to a global audience. Social media, e-commerce, and multimedia advertising have redefined the market’s needs, emphasising visual storytelling, brand authenticity, and user engagement.

New trends like sustainability in imagery, diverse representation, and immersive 3D photography are transforming how products and services are portrayed. These trends reflect broader societal changes and the increasing sophistication of consumer expectations, thus driving the industry towards uncharted territories.

Technological Advancements in Shaping the Industry

Technology has undeniably been a game-changer for commercial photography in the UK. The transition from film to digital was just the beginning. Today’s photographers have many tools, from advanced cameras and drones to artificial intelligence-driven editing software.

These technological advancements have democratised the field, allowing newcomers to create high-quality work without prohibitive costs. At the same time, they have raised the bar for creativity and technical prowess, pushing professionals to innovate and adapt continually. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI-driven personalised advertising are no longer futuristic concepts; they are integral to today’s commercial photography, signalling a thrilling era of possibilities and exploration.

Up and Coming Commercial Photographers

Jennifer McCord

Jennifer McCord is an acclaimed portrait and lifestyle photographer known for her vibrant and intimate work. Her impressive portfolio spans the music and entertainment industry, with clients like Sony, Universal, and Flight of the Conchords.

Jennifer’s work is characterised by natural light and soft focus, resulting in portraits imbued with intimacy and vulnerability. Her timeless yet contemporary style employs props and textures to add depth and intrigue to her images.

Major Works:

  • A black and white series of candid musician portraits for Sony Music.
  • A lifestyle campaign for Universal Pictures, featuring film actors in everyday settings.
  • A portrait series capturing the humour of Flight of the Conchords for their HBO show.

Nico Froehlich

Nico Froehlich, a social realist photographer, champions diversity and inclusivity. His focus on working-class life has attracted clients like BrewDog, Kingpins, Mozilla, and The Philharmonia.

Utilising natural light and a documentary approach, Nico creates images marked by realism and authenticity. He often explores social issues, providing a platform for marginalised voices.

Major Works:

  • A portrait series celebrating the diversity of BrewDog’s workforce.
  • A documentary project about migrant workers in London for Kingpins.
  • Portraits of Philharmonia Orchestra musicians to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Stuart Bailey

Specialising in commercial and lifestyle photography, Stuart Bailey collaborates with major businesses like Heathrow Airport, Ogilvy, and Samsung. He excels in showcasing the human and spatial narratives behind brands.

Stuart’s work is distinguished by its bold colours and graphic compositions, injecting energy and excitement into his photographs. He crafts compelling stories that forge connections between viewers and subjects.

Major Works:

  • A vibrant Heathrow Airport campaign celebrating passenger diversity.
  • A lifestyle campaign for Ogilvy that captured the agency’s creative spirit.
  • A Samsung campaign celebrated technology’s power to connect people.

Impact on The Industry

Introducing new talents like Jennifer McCord, Nico Froehlich, and Stuart Bailey into the British commercial photography scene is not merely a fresh wave of creativity. It signals a paradigm shift, where traditional boundaries are pushed, and new narratives are crafted. These photographers redefine the industry’s aesthetics and thematic focus from intimate portraits to social realism and vibrant commercial imagery.

Their work not only resonates with contemporary audiences but also enriches the visual language of commercial photography, fostering innovation and driving competition. In a world increasingly defined by visual communication, their creativity augments the retail photography landscape, setting new benchmarks for quality and originality.

How These Photographers May Shape Future Trends

Emphasis on Authenticity:
Jennifer McCord’s intimate and passionate style may inspire a broader trend toward authenticity and vulnerability in commercial photography. This could lead to more brands seeking to connect with audiences on a deeper, more personal level.

Social Realism and Inclusivity:
Nico Froehlich’s focus on diversity, working-class life, and marginalised voices may catalyse a shift toward social realism in commercial imagery. Brands may increasingly use photography to explore social issues and reflect societal diversity.

Bold and Narrative-Driven Commercial Photography:
Stuart Bailey’s energetic and story-centric approach might herald a more vibrant and engaging commercial photography trend. His bold colours and graphics may influence others to experiment with visually stimulating compositions that evoke emotions and create connections.

Integration of Various Artistic Elements:
These photographers’ incorporation of props, textures, and various artistic elements shows the potential for more complex and multi-layered imagery. This could lead to an industry-wide movement towards more creative and thought-provoking commercial photography.

Technology and Innovation:
Although not directly highlighted by these photographers, the current landscape suggests that continued technological advancements will remain a driving force. As hinted at by other emerging talents, the industry may see further exploration of augmented reality, 3D photography, and interactive advertising.


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